Plastic Pallet Guide

Benefits Of Switching To Plastic Pallets From Wooden Pallets


In this contemporary time, there are growing number of transportation companies that are considering other materials when shipping goods. Just for example in the US, most of the goods are transported via trucks with their massive interstate system that the counties have. These goods are normally transported on pallets as it makes the loading and the unloading procedures a lot easier and simpler.


Transportation companies on the other hand are using pallets made from other materials these days. While seeing wooden pallets used by many is a common scene, plastic pallets are growing in popularity and used by more and more company annually. The major reason for this is that, to make wooden pallets, woods are used to create one and what's unfortunate here is, most of the lumber companies are not applying sustainable methods when they are cutting trees down. For that, it resulted to massive deforestation that has caused negative impact on our environment. Check out this website at and learn more about pallets.


Apart from that, the demand for timber is way higher in comparison to the rate that it can be replenished. Because of this, the cost of wood keeps on rising. All of these said factors have had a huge impact on the transportation industry making them to consider switching to using plastic pallets.


This isn't actually a bad move after all since there are plenty of benefits for using pallets that are made from plastics like for example, these pallets do not retain the odor of goods being transported, which is something that often happens when wooden pallets are used. With this in mind, plastic pallets are very ideal when having to transport aromatic items and food items as well. Visit their website here!


Not only that, these plastic pallets are easier to maintain as they only have to be cleaned without worrying that they will rot. Believe it or not, these pallets are known to have longer life expectancy than their wooden counterparts. And just in case that these pallets break for whatever reason, they can be recycled easily. Moreover, these pallets can be fitted with RFID chips to be able to track deliveries of merchandises and goods less challenging. Companies simply have to scan the chips on the pallets and they're done. Furthermore, plastic pallets are presentable and because of that, a business is able to transfer pallets to the display floor, eliminating the need for doing and maintaining inventory.


With all these things said, don't wonder if there is more range of export pallets you see that are being used for deliveries.